Since our inception, De Novo HRConsulting has remained focused on offering strategic, client-centric consulting services - and that means something different for each and every client.  

Taking a comprehensive approach when analyzing your business needs enables us to identify possible gaps and prioritize recommended action.   Perhaps it's creating more efficient processes to keep up with company growth - because scalability is something challenging for many businesses. Perhaps it's an effective communication plan during a period of change that keeps the workforce aligned with the company’s mission - because change management is something some business owners have little experience in.  Perhaps it's updating your tech so that employees can perform their job duties efficiently from anywhere in the world, followed by training managers to effectively supervise remote employees so they understand how it differs from traditional management techniques.  Or, perhaps it's even something as simple as easing the administrative burden so that you can concentrate on what you do best.


Every company is different.  And every employee is unique.  So gone are the days of boiler plate HR add-ons and depending upon the guidance of a stranger over the phone.  We get to know you and your business.  The full potential of your workforce is waiting to be developed.  Contact us today to schedule your free consultation.

De Novo HRConsulting
Mark Zinman
Managing Partner

I studied at Penn State University then followed a traditional path after becoming a CPA.  I started in tax accounting and the natural progression of my 30 year career in business advisory services led me to add Human Resources, Information Technology, Financial Planning, and Outside Controllership to my skill set. This is my career and business growth chart:

De Novo HRConsulting
Monica Siciliano

My education and career have taken a vastly different path than Mark's.  My journey has been broader in scope, ranging from Sales & Marketing to Human Resources; from Risk Management to Change Management, from Project Management to Lean Six Sigma.  Growth does not always follow a straight line, this is my chart: