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Health and Safety

Health & Safety Programs for OSHA Compliance

Health and Safety Programs are intended to prevent workplace injuries, illnesses, and casualties themselves, as well as the accompanying hardships.  Our service offering is a customized and exhaustive eight (8) week safety program that covers the following, and more:


  • Safety Education & Training

  • Code of Safe Practices & Safety Handbook

  • Safety Committee Planning

  • Hazard Identification, Assessment, Prevention, & Controls

  • Worksite Analysis with Master Equipment Checklist & Inspections

  • Preventative Maintenance & Lockout/Tagout Procedures

  • Emergency Response Plans

  • Weighted Incentive Plans

  • Video Monitoring & Reporting System

  • Record Keeping & OSHA Compliance

  • Annual Audits

Our first priority is the health, safety, and welfare of the workforce.  Contact us today about a Health and Safety Program customized for your business that takes care of the initial investigation, remediation, and training, as well as everything you need to maintain a safe working environment long after we've gone.  Looking for on-going support and oversight?  We provide that as well!