Marketing and Content Creation

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A Fresh New Perspective on Marketing.

Your company’s brand consistency is important.  Creating and sharing unique content reinforces your mission, vision, and values as you attract and retain clients.  It also promotes your company culture, helping to recruit new employees and engage existing ones.  Your customer experience and employee experience, two key elements of any success business, must be consistent to create a credible and consistent brand.


It can be intimidating and overwhelming to regularly create and promote relevant, compelling, and timely content. De Novo HRC has partnered with Genetic Lemon Marketing to provide content creation services to ensure that the information you are putting out to your market is engaging, valuable, and builds trust in your brand.

We offer the following services:

  • Social Media: We will help you establish a strong social media presence on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook to promote brand awareness, plus engage and convert prospects.

  • Blogs: Regular blogging helps to further position you as a Subject Matter Expert, drives traffic to your website, and strengthens existing client relationships. 

  • E-mail Marketing: A quick and inexpensive channel that helps promote your brand to prospective and existing clients. Emails are released with industry news and are a recommended add-on to any social media and blog campaign.

  • Identity Packages, Print Design, & more!