First Aid/CPR/AED Refresher

October 14, 2016


This week’s blog was inspired by a meeting I had with one of our clients yesterday, and our conversation about First Aid/CPR/AED knowledge.  Regarding CPR, for example, my certification was issued by the American Red Cross, and I was trained to start CPR with 30 chest compressions before giving two rescue breaths, then repeat.  Others may have been trained to provide compressions only.  The topic discussed was:  even though our First Aid/CPR/AED certification is up to date, do we remember the skills we learned? 


According to the American Red Cross Scientific Advisory Council:


  • CPR skill retention begins to decline within a few months after a participant is trained and progressively decreases for about a year.

  • Less than half of course participants can pass a skills test one year after training.


Please click here to access several refreshers that you or a member of your workforce may find helpful.  The refreshers DO NOT replace certification, but instead are intended to reinforce the knowledge and skills previously learned:

Disclaimer:  This blog is not intended to give medical advice.

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