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Risk Management, Loss Control

Our task is to seek out potential problems before they occur.

Risk assessment identifies hazards, determines who & what is at risk, evaluates the risk, and determines the best way to control the risks.  Our goal is to seek out problems before they occur to mitigate internal weaknesses and external threats, including minimizing the loss of:  human capital, information, property, clients, customers, vendors, and finances.  Risk Control includes the following:


  1. Risks vs hazards

  2. Risk assessment steps

  3. Likelihood scale

  4. Risk categories

  5. Walk arounds

  6. Levels of impact

  7. Consequence scale

  8. Safety protocols

  9. Communication

  10. Control measure hierarchy

  11. Evaluations

  12. Managing risk

  13. Accident reporting

  14. Accident response plans

  15. Emergency action plans

  16. Training

  17. Business impact analysis

  18. Identifying vulnerabilities

  19. Disaster recovery plans

  20. Disaster recovery plan documents

  21. Testing systems

  22. Disaster recovery for IT

  23. Standards

  24. ISO 31000

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