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Services De Novo HRC


De Novo HRConsulting & Business Advisory works with businesses in a variety of industries, providing them with short or long-term support. 

Whether we operate as your full service HR Department or supplement your current in-house efforts, De Novo HRConsulting & Business Advisory provides a long list of strategic and administrative services, including those outlined below.

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Services De Novo HRC

Most Requested
Human Resources Services

Most Requested
Business Advisory Services

  • Assess factors that contribute to profitability such as:

    • Average cost per unit​

    • Average per unit sales price

    • Inventory

    • Monthly fixed costs

  • Business Management System framework selection & implementation

  • Business process improvement, including identifying legacy processes & improvement opportunities/emerging processes

  • Business restructuring

  • Change management, including goal setting & leading the change initiative

  • Clarify mission (Law of Inverse Focus), considering factors such as:

    • Brand reputation​

    • Customer satisfaction

    • Keys to success

    • Location

    • Pricing

    • Prioritization

    • Value

    • Value based marketing

  • Cost containment

  • Datamining & benchmarking

  • Define measurable objectives to reach business goals considering factors such as:

    • Growth Rate​

    • Human capital retention & rewards

    • Market share objectives

    • Profit objectives

    • Sales objectives

  • Financial Ratio Analysis

  • Financial restructuring

  • Leverage Supply chain and fulfillment relationships

  • Perform a market analysis (with list of market segments), then evaluate, & adjust course where necessary, such as:

    • Client brand and product preferences​

    • Client buying habits

    • Demographic targeted & serviced

    • Impact of existing & emerging competition

    • Needs met/supplied

    • Projected growth rate

  • Perform a PESTEL analysis annually or as needed

  • Perform a SWOT analysis annually or as needed

  • Perform gap analysis

  • Process Redesign

  • Reorganization consultation

  • Reputation management

  • Tech evaluation and recommendation (including utilization)

De Novo HRConsulting and Business Advisory

Since our inception, De Novo HRConsulting & Business Advisory has remained focused on offering strategic, client-centric consulting services - and that means something different for each and every client.  

Every company is different.  And every employee is unique.  So gone are the days of boiler plate HR add-ons and depending upon the guidance of a stranger over the phone.  We get to know you and your business.  The full potential of your workforce is waiting to be developed.  Contact us today to schedule your free consultation.

Contact us for your free in-person or virtual consultation and needs assessment. 

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