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Business Emergency Action Plan

For many of us, our thoughts are with our friends, family, and business associates as we nervously watch Hurricane Matthew as it continues its path along the coastal southeastern United States. The current situation in Florida and its neighboring states reminds me of our own Business Emergency Action Plan here at De Novo HRConsulting, and seems an appropriate time to encourage everyone to make sure theirs is up to date.

Ours is a thirteen page document that includes:

  • Emergency Personnel Names and Phone Numbers

  • Utility Company Emergency Contacts

  • Emergency Reporting and Evacuation Procedures

  • Medical Emergency Protocols

  • Fire Emergency Protocols

  • Severe Weather & Natural Disaster Protocols

  • Critical Operations Protocols

  • Telephone Threat Checklist

  • Chemical Spill Procedures

  • Extended Power Loss Procedures

Depending upon the nature of your business, other categories may be appropriate, such as: Structure Climbing/Descending Emergency Protocols.

If you do not have a Business Emergency Action Plan, we invite you to contact us, as we would be pleased to provide you with a custom template, free of charge. Again, we hope that all of your loved ones who reside in the Southeastern United States are staying safe.

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