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The Importance of Training and Development Programs

When a new employee is hired at a company, they likely start their new position with some of the skills, knowledge, and abilities (SKAs) needed to be successful in their new role. But that’s only the starting point. What is your organization doing to contribute to the continued training and development of all employees, both new and tenured? Many companies struggle with employee engagement and retention, and a primary reason for low engagement is a lack of development opportunities. According to a 2019 LinkedIn survey, 94% of employees would stay with their employer longer if they knew there was an investment in learning. A commitment to building a company culture of learning and development can help combat employee turnover.

Often, when we hear the phrase “training and development” we think of technical skill development. While important, there are several reasons why a more holistic approach is required for an organization to be competitive. Companies must:

  • Address areas where performance improvement is needed, which may include more modern leadership styles and practices, such as transformational or distributed leadership.

  • Identify and train future leaders (Ask us about our Going HIER program).

  • Training in certain areas such as Diversity and Inclusion or Sexual Harassment helps support risk management efforts. The Hiscox Guide to Employee Lawsuits reports it costs an employer an average of $160,000 dollars in defense and settlement costs if a discrimination suit is brought against them.

  • Health and Safety training helps employers meet their obligation to provide a healthy & safe work environment. OSHA research has shown that employers who institute safety programs have been able to reduce costs related to injury and workplace injury by 20-40%. Other studies have shown that for each dollar invested in safety programs, companies see a return of $5 on average.

At De Novo HRC, we have a full library of training programs available that we can present to your organization either virtually or on-site. Beyond that, all of our comprehensive training programs can also be presented as a 45 minute lunch & learn, introducing only the key points. Here are some examples:

Management Training

  • Managing a Remote Workforce

  • Communicating with Confidence

  • Cross-Generational Business Training

  • Employee Rewards

  • Employee Reviews

  • Change Management Strategies

  • Performance Management

  • And more…

Soft Skills Training

  • Public Speaking

  • Time Management Techniques

  • And more…

Compliance Training

  • Compliant Interview Techniques

  • Harassment Awareness

  • OSHA Safety Regulations for Working at Home

  • Diversity and Inclusion Awareness

  • And more…

Niche Training:

  • Building a Best in Class Customer Experience Department

  • Restaurant Customer Experience

  • Medical Front Desk Staff Customer Service Training

  • Small Business Cybersecurity

  • And more…

If you are interested in receiving more information about the programs we offer, please contact Monica Siciliano at

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