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October is National Work & Family Month

Did you know that October is National Work & Family Month?

The majority of employees spend more waking hours at work than they do with their family & friends. Established in 2003, National Work & Family Month focuses on the challenges working families face every day to maintain work-life balance. Here are some ways you can promote work-life balance within your business or organization:

  1. Establish boundaries & encourage your employees to unplug. Minimize the amount of business conducted during “off” hours. Require that your employees turn off their work cell/mobile when they’re off the clock so they can truly be present while spending time with family & friends - without distractions from work.*

  2. Consider subsidizing gym memberships for your workforce. People who exercise regularly, especially in the mornings, are more likely to feel energized and prepared to tackle the day than those who don’t.

  3. Encourage your employees to take their PTO leave. In years past, many employers had unwritten rules frowning upon employees actually taking their paid time off. Times have changed and many progressive employers are requiring time away from work. Engaged employees are highly motived and dedicated, but employees need time away from the workplace to stay committed. Workers who use their paid leave come back happier, refreshed, and more productive.

  4. Offer work-at-home opportunities &/or flexible scheduling. Remote working &/or flexible scheduling is the #1 perk employees want & appreciate – a benefit valued more than a pay raise.

  5. Encourage employees to step away from their desk for lunch. Employees need at least 20 minutes to give their brain & body a reprieve from their daily tasks & responsibilities, especially those who sit in front of a computer eight hours per day.

  6. If your business is seasonal, offer seasonal hours. Some employees may be interested in putting in extra hours during the peak seasons in exchange for Fridays off during the slow seasons.

  7. Promote good sleeping habits & healthy routines. Implementing an organized, attainable daily routine helps keep employees on track. Getting adequate sleep and maintaining healthy habits helps maintain mental clarity and a sense of accomplishment. Consider implementing a wellness program to guide this effort.

There are other ways you can promote a healthy work-life balance within your business or organization – many of which don’t require any funding. Please contact us if we may be of any assistance helping your company transform into a progressive, desirable workplace that not only attracts, but also keeps, top talent!


* Non-exempt employees cannot check their messages/texts/emails without being compensated. Ask for more information.

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